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Dolphin Watching & Arrábida

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Full Day Private Tour (All Ages)

Dolphin Watching and Arrábida Park Tour

Catch sight of bottlenose dolphins in the wild on this dolphin watching tour from Lisbon. Head from your hotel to the Sado Estuary, home to one of the largest populations of sedentary bottlenose dolphins in Europe.

On the way, stop to snap a photo at a vista point, sample local wines at a vineyard, and tour Arrábida Natural Park in Setubal, all before boarding your boat along the Costa Azul.

Take a guided tour through one of the oldest wineries in Portugal. You can visit its museum and have a wine tasting at the end of your visit, before choosing to either visit a local tile factory or embark on a nature tour for the rest of your day.

In the Sado Estuary lies one of the rare sedentary populations of bottlenose dolphins in Europe and one of the most important worldwide.

With an estimated population of about 30 individuals, it is a privilege to see them evolve in the calm waters of the estuary, or indulging in leaps and pirouettes that attract us and raise awareness.

The observation of this little world where they play, hunt and spend most of their time, lasts approximately three hours, with the possibility of a short stop for swimming, and develops one of the most beautiful places of Portugal, the bay Setubal, also known as dolphin bay, which belongs to the exclusive club of the “Most Beautiful Bays in the World.”

This mini-cruise circumvents the bank of the River Sado with the city through Albarquel, Commendation, Outão Fort, Figueirinha, where the area normally frequented by dolphins begins. This stretch extends across the south channel and we call it the “route of the dolphins,” a walk of about three hours where it is essential to bring a camera!


Full Day Private Tour Price per Person
1 Person €310
2 People 185
3 People €144
4 People €123
5 People €110
6 People €102
7 People €96
8 People €89
9 People €116,50
10 People €110
11 People €106
12 People €102
13 People €99
14 People €96,50
15 People €92,50