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Fátima, Batalha & Óbidos

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Full Day Private Tour (All Ages)

Day tour to Fátima from Lisbon

Without a private car, visiting Fátima from Lisbon can be a challenge. This tour offers a solution by providing transportation between the Portuguese capital and one of the country’s most important religious sites, without sacrificing the comfort of private transportation.

Your guide takes you to top sites in and around Fátima, including a factory of religious objects and sacred religious sites, and then leaves you free to explore each location on your own.

In the region, you will also find the monumental Batalha Monastery that was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Óbidos, a charming fortified historic town is also part of the tour, allowing you to glimpse medieval times in Portugal and taste the famous, local liqueur.


Full Day Private Tour Price per Person
1 Person 250
2 People 130
3 People 90
4 People 70
5 People 60
6 People 54
7 People 46
8 People 36