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Serra da Estrela

Quick Details

Full Day Private Tour (All Ages)

Go Hiking in the Serra da Estrela

Discover the largest mountain range in Portugal on this full-day tour of the Serra da Estrela. We will go to the foot of the Serra da Estrela, where you will find panoramic views and breathtaking landscapes.

We will see flocks of sheep in their natural pasture, sheep from which milk for the famous Queijo da Serra, for many the best cheese in the world.

It will also be natural to see herds of goats, animals also widely used in the region’s gastronomy. We will also see some dogs of the Serra da Estrela breed, a very robust shepherd dog of great beauty, is used to living in the meteorological adversity of Serra da Estrela.

We will also make a stop at the highest inhabited location in Portugal, the village of Sabugueiro. Then, we will go to the highest point of mainland Portugal, the Tower.

On the way down we will make the 1st stop at “Santa”, a sculpture on the natural rock on a mountain escarpment. We will descend to Covilhã, where we will start the return to Lisbon.


Full Day Private Tour Price per Person
1 Person €630
2 People €320
3 People €217
4 People €165
5 People €135
6 People €115
7 People €100
8 People €90
9 People €150
10 People €135
11 People €125
12 People €115
13 People €108
14 People €100
15 People €95