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Wine Tasting

Quick Details

Full Day Private Tour (All Ages)

Discover the Setubal Wine Region

If you love wine, this tour fits your perfectly! Come meet one of the oldest Wineries in Portugal by visiting it’s museum and have a wine tasting at the end of your visit!

We will also make the climb to the Serra da Arrábida, to its highest point, where we can see the magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches of Arrábida with its fine white sands and crystal clear sea water, Tróia insua and its beaches. and the fishing town of Setúbal, and the whole route is in a protected nature reserve area.

If we are still within our time, we can still visit a tile factory that still uses the same technique of the 15th century, manufacturing each tile one by one.


Full Day Private Tour Price per Person
1 Person €190
2 People 105
3 People 73.33
4 People 57.50
5 People €50
6 People 43.33
7 People €38.57
8 People €35
9 People €52
10 People €50
11 People €47
12 People €44
13 People €42
14 People €39
15 People €37