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Full Day Private Tour (All Ages)

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Discover all that the best family theme park in the Algarve has to offer you, explore a world of magic and fun full of unforgettable moments.

Since its foundation, Zoomarine has been committed to active participation in the field of conservation of the life of the oceans, their species, and their habitats.

Come and have fun with family or friends and enjoy a beautiful day of excitement!

  • Jurassic River (new): A fascinating journey to the time when these giants roamed planet earth millions of years ago!
  • Flying Colors: Tropical birds presentation – the agility, color and magic of tropical birds. An awakening of consciousness.
  • Dream and Fantasy: Dolphin Presentation – beauty, tenderness, speed, and energy. A striking presentation that highlights the relationship of trust between trainers and dolphins.
  • Sea Adventures (new): Seal and Sea Lion Presentation – Fun, friendliness and geniality. Get involved in the exciting adventure of discovering the seals and sea lions that inhabit our seas.
  • Wings World – Birds of Prey Presentation – The fastest species in nature. The beauty and grace of birds of prey in flight.
  • 4D Cinema – AQUASPLASH. Never-ending fun – Catering to true thrill-seekers and those less adventurous, fun for all tastes. Go up, go down, spin around, laugh and join the queue again!
  • Aquarium – A tour to the amazing underwater world, to admire, to learn and to feel!
  • Pirates Bay – A magnificent epic and fantasy scenario, gives place to an extraordinary performance of heroes with swords and eye patches, full of perils and stunts!

In the park, there are all the water diversions for the most complete fun, pools, slides and tubes, and lanes with boats and even very special carousels.
In the premises, there are bars and restaurants, ice cream, bathrooms, and all support services.

At Zoomarine you can have dolphin experiences! If you are interested we will send you additional information since it’s not included in our tour.


Full Day Private Tour Price per Person
1 Person €669
2 People €359
3 People €256
4 People €204
5 People €174
6 People €154
7 People €139
8 People €127
9 People €189
10 People €175
11 People €164
12 People €154
13 People €147
14 People €139
15 People €133