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Coffee & Wine Tour

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Full Day Private Tour (All Ages)

Taste Wine and Coffee in Portugal

Take a day and come to Campo Maior to discover the best of both worlds: coffee and wine.

Get to know the history, culture, and science of coffee at the Coffee Science Center and visit one of the most modern cellars in Europe, the Adega Mayor, born of the passion of those who grow a dream.

The Coffee Science Center is a unique space in Europe and is born in the heart of the Alentejo, in what is considered the coffee capital, the town of Campo Maior.

The visit to the Center is a journey through time and space: to know the first myths that relate coffee to the ancient tribes, to travel overseas aboard Portuguese ships or to accompany the smugglers who transported it from Portugal to Spain.

The first Author’s Cellar in Portugal surprises the Alentejo plain with an imposing and minimalist building, where the whole area of wine production is.

Come taste wine and coffee and see up close how the Adega Mayor produces the best wines.


Full Day Private Tour Price per Person
1 Person €575
2 People €325
3 People €250
4 People €225
5 People €195
6 People €175
7 People €165
8 People €155